Sailing Difficulty On Second Day Of Hobie North Americans

The sailors had a really tough time sailing on the second day of the Hobie 16 and Hobie 20 North American Championships.

The races were so tight that there were many chances for a team to surge ahead and also get pulled to the back. It was an up and down race for the most part of the second day and a condition that many of the sailors did not enjoy.

The winds during the day were oscillating from 5 to 10 knots and this changed the position of the sailors quite frequently. There was a slow persistent right shift as well that did not go well with the sailors. The race officers also had a very tough time conducting the races. The breeze was steady in the early morning and then it picked up speed and became unstable. This puts a lot of hardship on the competitors.

The positions in the top 10 are very tight, despite the frustrating wind conditions. The good sailors have a measure of how to cope with the varying wind conditions. The Hobie 16 fleet had a treacherous time during the last race of day 2. They were forced to the left by the wind and had to undergo a last-minute fire drill. There is a better forecast for the following day and this will be welcomed by all the sailors. The best sailors and champions have the uncanny knack of sailing to the best of their abilities in varying wind conditions. This is why this race is a popular one.

Enrique Figueroa/Francesca Valdes is I the lead position after day 2 of the Hobie 16 fleet race. They are closely followed by American Mike Montague/Kathy WARD. The Americans Mark and Kim Zimmer and George Pedrick/Gene Harris are in the first and the second positions in the Hobie 20 fleet race after day 2.