Clipper Race: A Race To The Scoring Gate

Despite, in Cape Town the Finish Line remains the eventual goal for the fleet of Clipper 2017-18 Round the World Yacht Race in the Stormhoek Race to the Cape of Storms, at present minimum three teams is seeing the Scoring Gate.

Dare To Lead has plunged the line south of the rhomb, but remains in the lead of the remaining fleet. According to the Dale Smyth Skipper reports, “One more fast day down south at place and it is really hard to believe that we have covered shy of 1000 nautical miles in four days already.

“In the western side of this depression, cold has really kicked in and with the condensation, the boat is raining inside. We are striving to stay in the southerly winds as much as possible before it runs out.”

Garmin has jumped to the second place, and currently nearly 21 nm behind the team Dare To Lead. On the other hand, Greenings is in the third position and competing Garmin with less than 2nm, and also the Andy Woodruff, Interim Skipper, he says “It is been another day of power reaching under the white sail with the speed of wind between 11-20 knots, spray and waves coming over the deck sailing the day within the sight of Garmin.”

Visit Seattle is in the fourth position, Liverpool 2018 is in fifth position and Qingdao is at the sixth position on the leader board, but all of them are towards the northerly course, which is about 200 nautical miles away from the Scoring Gate. Qingdao secured three points by crossing the Scoring Gate first in the opening race to Punta Del Este. So, he currently has a small advantage on Visit Seattle and Liverpool 2018, who is trying to get closer to the Scoring Gate.