Ben Ainslie And His Team

Ben Ainslie and his team faced cold salt waters on the first day of competition of the America’s Cup World Series that is taking place this weekend in Japan.

The teams started off today after having undergone practice races on Friday. This team definitely has all the eyes on them as they are the leading team who are competing in this phase in Japan. It is taking place this weekend after which the competition will move to the warmer waters of Bermuda. The catamaran of Ben’s team had their rigging as well as hulls creaking and groaning under the strain of the wing sails which are about as big as 737 aircraft. The coach has been putting the crew through a gut buster routine which includes periods of intense concentration and exertion as well as making adjustments frequently as per the direction and strength of the winds and currents. Continue reading

Chinese Sailor Missing While Making Record

Guo Chuan’s boat was spotted missing while he was on his mission to create a world record of crossing the Pacific Ocean alone. He is the first person from China who sailed around the world alone. The coast guard and team of Guo Chuan had last seen him near Hawaii Island.

On his mission to break the record of sailing Pacific Ocean alone and reaching to Shanghai within 20 days, Guo Chuan has begun his journey from San Francisco on October 18 2016. He was accompanied by his other team member via monitoring devices. On Tuesday, October 22 2016, he lost contact with his team members at 7:00 GMT. Continue reading