Chinese Sailor Missing While Making Record

Guo Chuan’s boat was spotted missing while he was on his mission to create a world record of crossing the Pacific Ocean alone. He is the first person from China who sailed around the world alone. The coast guard and team of Guo Chuan had last seen him near Hawaii Island.

On his mission to break the record of sailing Pacific Ocean alone and reaching to Shanghai within 20 days, Guo Chuan has begun his journey from San Francisco on October 18 2016. He was accompanied by his other team member via monitoring devices. On Tuesday, October 22 2016, he lost contact with his team members at 7:00 GMT.

After losing contact, a plan moved from the United States in search of sailor’s existence near Hawaii Island. It is about 966 KM from San Francisco. Even the coast guards are actively searching his presence in the area. However, no positive result has come so far, even though yacts as far afield as on a Trogir Bareboat Yacht Charter have tried to help out the effort.

Nevertheless, the Coast Guard spokesperson said “we are still in search of Mr. Guo Chuan. He was in his good health and an experienced sailor. We still hope full to find him out alive.” United State search ship has also headed to track the number one sailor of China.

Guo Chuan is World famous in the field of sailing. He has created many records with his sailing skills and determination. He had planned to break sailing speed record of 21 days from San Francisco to Shanghai and cover distance within 20 days. When Mr. Chuan completed his trans-navigation of globe in the year 2013, he became the first person from China to sail around the World alone.

The non-stop 20 day voyage from San Francisco to Shanghai of China’s number one sailor was watched by the world and this news is big and heartbreaking for lovers, admirers and team members of Guo Chuan.